About the project

The PRASEDEC project is a development cooperation under the University-Business-Partnership Programme of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) running from 2013 to year 2016. On the project a group of professors from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) and the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile (UCH) work together. The project brings together expertise of different departments from both faculties such as the departments of Transport Systems and Logistics, Business Administration and Operations Management, Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Scientific Computing, Dynamics and Control and Distributed Systems of UDE together with the departments of Computer Science, Industrial Engineering and Information Systems of UCH. The collaboration between these departments goes back to fur successful R&D projects, a lively exchange of students and teachers, together supervised dissertations, publications and conference attendance, sponsored on the past by DAAD, BMBF, DFG and EU on the German and by CONICYT, FONDEF, FONDECYT and LACCIR on the Chilean side.

Both project partners see great potential in strengthening the practice-driven part in graduate programs in cooperation between industry, associations, chambers of commerce and universities in Chile, a targeted promotion of students and their chances on the labor market, in the construction of a Alumni Association of our students and in a perspective extending the network to new fields of application, partner universities, companies and businesses. The project aims at fostering the following objectives:

Objective 1

Through workshops which are devoted to the project status and to state of the art software solutions in the context of our main topic Knowledge Communication and Mobile Social Infrastructure in Metropolitan Regions PRASEDEC aims at integrating Applied Course Modules into Degree Programs (ASW) where tandems of professors from Chile and Germany are teaching together,  seconded by companies and associations. The general objective then is the formulation and integration of practical relevant qualifications for students (ASW) in selected academic programs.

Objective 2

Exploration of new possibilities for Scholarships/Internships sponsored by organizations and companies in Chile in joint-work mit Becas Chile.

Objective 3

Exploration of forms of dialog between the University of Chile and the local entrepreneurial sector. Our activities are intended to enrich a broad transfer infrastructure bringing together teachers, students, alumni, companies, and other relevant non-university institutions. In addition to individual support for students, well established dialogue and cooperation forms like information sessions and career days for graduates as well as the initiation of mixed project groups, theses devoted to problems defined by the partners, and common presentation of project outcome on fairs are important program points on the PRASEDEC agenda.

Objective 4

Together with Dr. Hollensteiner, head of the ConRuhr Latin America office of the University Alliance Metropolis Ruhr and Mr. Over, director of the Group of Experts for Empirical Studies at Kassel the PRASEDEC consortium aims at defining indicators for the quality measure of the project toto evaluate the impact of the planned activities and parameters to measure quality, acceptance, relevance and sustainability of our contributions.