TUL-Industry Workshop

Date: 15th-19th May 2014
Place: Duisburg, Germany
Objective: On the workshop the attendants will be given an introduction on the complexity of international supply chains, presentation of technologies developed in research projects of the TUL department for the modelation and optimization of supply chains, Digital Fabric and presentation of future trends in logistic. Partner industries exchange their experiences in closing the gap between universities and entrepreneurial sector and promotion of career start-up for students beginning their professional careers.
Participants: Students of master degree, scientific associates and academics in industrial engineering, production, management, logistic and information systems.
Estim. # of Part.: 15

Workshop Program

Day 1: Thursday, 15th May – Center for Logistics and Traffic

Time Speaker Topic
10:00 Dr Noche (UDE) TUL-Industry Workshop Opening
10:10 Mrs Visarius (DAAD) Welcoming from PRASEDEC Project Promoter
10:20 Mr Bös (SDZ GmbH) Modelation in logistic, Digital Fabric
11:10 Mr Wattler (Chile Wein Contor) Challenges of small and midsize companies for strengthening university-industry cooperation and praxis relevant academic programs
12:00 Pause
13:00 Dr. Noche (UDE) Presentation and visit to experimental plant of projects Stewart Gough Platform and Tracing Intelligent Logistics Objects (TiLO)
15:00 Mr Vollweiler (UDE-International Off.) Programs for the internationalization of student body
17:00 End of day four

 Day 2: Friday, 16th May – Thyssenkrupp + duisport

Time Speaker Topic
9:00 Mr Deike, Mr Gerstenberger and Mr Dias Thyssenkrupp Companies’ Portrait and Internship Programs for Students
10:00 Mr Brüggenbrock Visit to technical Demo-Center of applied techniques
11:00 Mr Deike, Mrs Brum, Mr Gerstenberger and Mr Dias Technical visit to Thyssenkrupp industrial plant in Duisburg
12:30 Lunch with representatives of Thyssenkrupp
14:00 Mr Franke (DIALOGistik) DIALOGistik hub for the training specialization, sustainability and innovative knowledge transfer
14:30 Dr Böcker (duisport) duisport, the largest inland port Europe´s
15:00 Technical visit to duisport port facilities
17:00 End of day five

Day 3: Sunday, 18th May

Departing to Hannover.

Day 4: Monday, 19th May – CEMAT

Visit to CEMAT – International fair on technical logistics.