Date: 9th-13th March 2015
Place: Santiago de Chile
Objective: “Learning by doing”. Consolidation of knowledge and experience about dynamic group processes for the strategical desicion-making that will guarantee an integral problem solution on warehouses, production and distribution. Integration of logistics in companies in order to overcome complex scenarios.
Participants: Qualified employees and directors of companies in Chile. None EDV knowledge mandatory.
Estim. # of Part.: 25

Workshop Program

Day 1 to 3
Experimental game with real components and formularies for the description of complex logistic context on companies. Simulation of real product and information flow.

  • Material and companies logistics
  • Integral problem solution for production, storage and distribution
  • Strategically and operative logistic alternative
  • Entrepreneurial and quality management processes
  • Reorganization

Day 4
Preparation of Dialog Modell Event

Day 5
Formulation of master thesis and/or internship for students