Next you can see the applied course modules within the area Knowledge communication and mobile social infrastructure (KCMSI) that will take place in the following years 2013-2016.

ASW1: Urban Planning, Collaborative Geographic Information Systems, uncertainty modeling, visualization, query languages ​​(Baloian, Luther, Zurita), Chile 2013 MS2: Software Presentation together with Microsoft Chile devoted to geographic information systems
ASW2: Smart Security (personal rights to the integrity and confidentiality, safety of people and information) (Weber, Weis), Chile 2014: security objectives and mechanisms for confidentiality and privacy in applications of pervasive computing and federated cloud-based topics With Microsoft – Research Chile: MS3 Security in the Cloud
Parallel: Alumni day, Status Project Groups
ASW3: Smart Museum: Virtual museums and laboratories (Biella, Luther, Baloian) Chile 2015, including authoring tools, XML schema, and a visualization framework for museum curators and content creators, for visitors, Researchers, and educators alike. MS5:
MS Kinect and software solutions for 3D reconstruction
ASW4: Smart Assistant Systems / Health Care / Elder Care: design, implementation, evaluation environment of intelligent assistance systems (AAL) (Ochoa, Weyers, Luther, Pinske Fraunhofer InHaus) Chile 2015 MS6: Indoor and outdoor architecture for AAL / Healthcare solutions provided by MS Chile
ASW5: Smart Energy Grids, Mobility: (energy, communications networks, traffic) (Weis, Weber, Luther, Tobias Kretz, PTV AG invited) Workshop in 2016 in parallel with the Results and Review Workshop Germany 2016 Seminar with MS: networkBalance support for students and project groups
MS7: Seminar with MS: Shared infrastructure and e-services, data mining platforms
ASW6: Smart Enterprises (Leisten, Weber): Company-specific combination of modern IT with management approaches and data mining: control, marketing, service provision, goal-oriented data generation, capture, analysis, Chile 2016