Master/PhD Studies

Master/PhD student application procedure

Although the PRASEDEC project provides neither support for research nor practical internships for periods longer than 2 months, we do support students finding a tutor within the project´s faculties. For this purpose we suggest students to provide us with the following documents for their enquiry for a PhD thesis:

1. Cover letter to explain your project and to resume the content of your application.
2. Complete CV. This paper should contain information about:

  • nationality, the country of residence, and whether you need a visa to study in Germany;
  • Your educational background  (Name of College/University, Start date, End date, Qualification obtained, Overall class grade or final mark, Degree and/or title (subjects studied), language taught.
  • If your studies include writing a MSc thesis, you should mention the title of your thesis and resume the results in  one page
  • If you have any publications, please list them as well as awards or scholarships
  • Your employment history (name and address of employer, start date, end date, position held, main  duties, language used for communication)
  • Include also a short description of work which is relevant to your proposal
  • Result of an English or German Language Qualification test
  • Other achievements or capacities

3. Research proposal (for PhD projects approximately 8 pages). The proposal contains the following information:

  • Headings
  • Your name and email address
  • Working title of the research
  • Subject area and key words
  • Content
  • Motivation: why do you think the topic is worth being investigated?
  • Expected outcome of the thesis, main achievements
  • State of the art in the research field
  • A tentative description of methodology
  • Time schedule for your research project with 3 annual mile stones
  • A short bibliography of relevant works in your research area
  • Important conferences in which you want to take part
  • How much time to plan to spend in Germany?
  • Do you need any specific resource (e.g. lab equipment)?
  • Mention also interdisciplinary partners, possible collaborators, industry partners or a proposed
  • Supervisor (if known)
  • Letter of intent by a professor (e.g., your advisor of Master thesis) to support your project

Your application will be discussed on the next biannual PRASEDEC meeting. When your research proposal is accepted, and two professors from both countries involved in the PRASEDEC project are willing to serve as advisors, they will help you to extend your proposal and support finding adequate funding opportunities.